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The 3rd tram arrived in Cluj-Napoca

2 July 2020 Imperio pe centura The 3rd Imperio tram for Cluj on the Oradea ring road. Photo: AirTramsClub

After the first Clujean tram leaves the Astra Vagoane Calatori factory on April 28, the third tram leaves Arad on June 30, being caught on the Oradea belt by AirTramsClub.

Tram equipment

Astra Cluj The muzzle, the cabin and the interior of the first tram. Photo:

The trams have 3 double doors, upholstered seats and electronic displays both inside and outside. At the first door (photo), the left half is of the victim, and on the other half is the access of the passengers. They have AC, heating, respecting the current standards and are of course in the purple-gray, traditional colors of Cluj.

Usa 1 Imperio Door 1 of the first tram delivered. Photo source: Nelu Chiva

Delivery schedule

In the exclusive interview given for Media9 , Vasile Diaconescu (general manager of Astra Vagoane Calatori Arad SA) mentions that more than six trams would be gathered at the depot on Muncii Boulevard, as initially announced, and all 24 could reach the banks of the Someș Mic by the summer of next year.

Astra Arad was declared the winner of the tender organized by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall regarding the delivery of 24 new trams. The total value of the contract amounts to about 40 million euros. The price of a single tram is about 1.95 million euros, 250 thousand more than one for Oradea. Most of the money needed for this acquisition comes from European non-reimbursable funds. The people of Arad have also delivered trolleybuses to Cluj, in the past.

Below is a 21-second video with the trailer carrying the 2nd tram.