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Section Weekly dose of aviation

here will appear every week a video with a plane that made a rather hard landing or anything that can happen in aviation (because it's just big) and some funny comments about it. We hope you have fun!

A British Airways 787 canceled the landing due to bad weather

14 July 2020 787 aproach

On February 8, 2019, a 787 in the British Airways logo is close to London's Heatrow Airport. The weather was not good at all but the pilots tried to land the giant. Just a few meters from the ground, due to the appearance in the tail, from the aerial side of a strong landing outdoors and a bounce back in the air. At that time, the pilots activated the engine power at TO / GA (maximum power, used constantly when landing is dropped) and have several problems. Fortunately, the second time he was lucky and the plane landed successfully. Below is the video in front or hard landing aircraft care: