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One month since the Irisbus trolleybus caught fire in Bucharest

7 July 2020 troleibuz gata

A month has passed since the Irisbus trolleybus caught fire in Bucharest. Since then, other trolleybuses have failed along the way and have been pushed into the depot. How much longer will Bucharest residents travel in these "safe" conditions with the means of transport? Let's find out.

When the Turks come

Reacting to the incident, Gabriela Firea said on Facebook that:

"I hope that all those who intentionally block tenders for the purchase of public transport will see this image with a burning trolleybus in the city center! For two years we were harassed with the tender for the purchase of 100 trolleybuses. With great difficulty we managed to sign the contract this year. The same would have happened with the old buses, which I took off the route when the 400 new Euro 6 buses arrived in Bucharest, also purchased after a difficult two-year auction. But we are still stuck with the tender for the purchase of the 100 trams. It will prove that the motives are invented "she says

Probably the explanation for the word "bullying" addressed to Solaris is that they complained that Bozankaya (the Turks, the only bidder, otherwise the winner of the auction) did not comply with the specifications, not having a trolleybus in production of 12 meters, but only a prototype (in the notebook it was clearly written without prototypes). They produced only 18 and 25 meters.

Returning to the subject

According to the contract, the delivery will be made starting with November 2020 and will cover a period of 16 months, as follows:

The first trolleybus will be delivered in November 2020 for approval, and then the rest of the trolleybuses will be delivered by February 2022. The guarantee of the operation of the trolleybuses of the Bozankaya Otomotiv Marina Imalat Ithalat Ve Ihracat A.S. Association - Sileo Gmbh is 4 years and 240,000 km.

The trolleybuses also have an extended warranty for 4 years and 240,000 km, in the corresponding operating period from year 5 to year 8 inclusive.

Let's hope that after putting them into use, although they will be Turkish, trolleybuses will not have big problems like the "famous" Otokar ...